RICH, others: "Daisy's mother" ramapith at
Tue Jan 27 01:34:24 CET 2004

Hey Rich (and everyone)...

I always assumed that the older-looking lady duck in WDC&S 111 was Daisy's maid, i. e. her hired household help.
Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters were often shown employing maids in the newspaper comics at about this time. Barks would certainly have picked up on this; the WDC&S 111 story makes clear that Barks was reading the contemporary newspaper strips, for he shows Bolivar's puppy Behe, a then-current Karp/Taliaferro creation.

It is tempting -- too tempting, if you ask me, to assume that a newly discovered duckface character in Duckburg must ipso facto be a relative of the ducks we already know. It ain't necessarily so. Can we resist the urge to tie everyone to everyone?


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