Questions about Lo$

Mickey mickey at
Wed Jan 28 16:38:07 CET 2004

Hi, everybody...  I know it might sound incredible: there is still somebody
who have questions about Lo$ (and the Family Tree)! I know that an answer to
the following has been given (or can't!), but I must have missed them :)
Greater the work (Lo$), more the analysis, isn't it?
1) Where does "Abner" comes from about Whitewater Duck? And the "Dabney" for
2) Are any other b-chapters of the Lo$ planned?
3) Is it now impossible that the Ducks were in Dawson at the time of Scrooge
(as intended in the rejected storyboards of Don Rosa), isn't it? Even if
they didn't met?
4) Is the "Mabel" who appears at the end of the chapter 10 of Lo$ another
homage to Barks?
Sorry for the "bordome" and the mistakes.


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