Donald and the Girls

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Sat Jan 31 22:29:24 CET 2004


<Doing a sequel to "The Odyssey" certainly has
possibilities, but I'm not
sure it's a good idea (...) Donald and the pearl diver would
have to split up at the end
of the story, we would be reducing the girl from being a
"lost love" to merely being some girl Donald was interested

You're right. Donald and the pearl diver could never meet.
So what if she met Daisy instead and Daisy somehow found out
about her and Donald? The story would then centre around
Daisy who now has a tough decision to make: Should she tell
Donald about the girl or not? Then something happens that
forces Daisy's hand and ...

Well, I guess that wouldn't work either, but it's fun to
think about. And it could be poignant while at the same time
giving the reader a chance to explore the relationship
between Daisy and Donald from a different angle.

Nils Smeby

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