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Fri Jan 30 03:38:59 CET 2004


>> and the return of Mouseton (HAPPY DAY ^__^) these are all definately 
>> steps
>> in the right direction.
> That pleased me as well, though I wonder, if, as Lars asserts, since 
> the
> RIVERSIDE ROVERS tales were originally written as taking place in 
> "Duckburg"
> but the MM&F's editorial asserts that they disapprove using MOUSETON, 
> why
> they made a concious effort to make all those "Mouseton" references 
> through-
> out the story ("JC Mouseton Juniors", "Mouseton Argus", "Mouseton Car 
> Care",
> etc.)  It seemed as if they had indeed decided to call Mickey's 
> hometown
> "Mouseton" despite the text on the Letters page in the back.  Hmmmmm.

Gemstone Name-of-City "rules" –

1) The Ducks live in Duckburg.

2) Mickey and his bunch live in a town that doesn't usually have a name 
to speak of. We feel - and Disney pretty much concurs, at least on this 
side of the Atlantic - that no one has come up with an entirely 
satisfactory name for Mickey's town to date. If one is required, 
however, we use Mouseton.

"Riverside Rovers" was one story where Mickey's town needed a name, so 
Mouseton got its day in the sun there. (I do most of the vetting on 
this sort of thing, so if you see Mouseton in a Gemstone comic, it's 
likely my doing.)


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