Disney Adventures Volume 13, number 10 (December/January 2003/2004)

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> Disney Adventures Volume 13, number 10 (December/January 2003/2004)
> Matt Feazell's contents page doodlings ("Dizzy Adventures") are given story code JZ785
> 2) JZ785, 1 page, The Hair Pair: no title
> Story by Charly La Greca. Art by Charly La Greca.
> "The Hair Pair" is not a Disney property; it is copyright Charly La Greca.

This is not an error on my part.  The story code JZ785 was used twice.

> 4) JZ778, 4 pages, Kid Gravity: "2-D or Not 2-D!"
> Story by Landry Quinn Walker. Art by Eric Jones.   
> Characters include Kid Gravity, Penny Galactica, Kid Apocalypse and the robot teacher.

This also is not my error.  JZ778 was used here, even though it was already used last issue.

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