Riverside Rover #12?

Lars Jensen lpj at forfatter.dk
Fri Jan 30 12:17:24 CET 2004

Rich Bellacera wrote:

>> Their names are Morty and Ferdie. (Note the spelling.)
> Yes, this is true.  My use of a "Y" was a typo.  However, I have
> recently acquired many British comics where it is definitely spelled
> with a "Y."

Don't trust British Disney comics for the canonicity of (almost)
anything. That's why Egmont calls Miss Quackfaster "Miss Typefast".
(Although, to be honest, I prefer the "Typefast" name.)

>> Mitch is a bull.
> [Lenghty explanation snipped...] So "cow" is technically accurate.

True. Paul Halas refers to the character as a bull, though.

> BTW, are you still seeking an image of Vacation van Honk?  I've been
> re-watching some of my old DUCKTALES videos copied off the TV and
> have been keeping an eye out for him, planning to take a snapshot when
> I encountered him if you still need it.

Thanks, Rich, but David Gerstein found a drawing of him somewhere.
Vacation Van Honk is having his triumphant return drawn even as we
speak. The world will never be the same after this comes out. (OK, I may
be exaggerating slightly...)


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