Danish translators (was: Re: Scrooge's past)

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen thomas at duckburg.dk
Fri Jan 30 15:49:36 CET 2004

Anders Christian Sivebæk wrote:
> [Sonja Rindom] translated from 1949 (the start) to
> sometimes in the 80'es and thus also made the translation of Barks´' The
> Old castles secret" - she gave Scrooges forefathers names in this story.

She translated from 1949, the first year of Anders And & Co. in Denmark, 
yes, but according to herself, she did not translate the first few issues.

> In 1991 Don's little masterpiece King Scrooge came out here - Mrs. Rindom
> had retired at the time, and we had another translator (I don't wiosh to
> know her name - i don't even know if it's a she) - she did not do her job,
> as some donaldists would have wanted her to do.

In fact, there were two translators between Rindom and the current Niels 
Søndergaard. The translators are these:

1949-? - 1949-? Unknown
1949-? - 1981   Sonja Rindom (SRi) (according to SRi, she did *not* 
translate the first few issues of AA!)
1982 - 1988     Jørgen Sonnergaard (JSo)
1989 - 1992-23  Yanne Reich (YRe)
1992-24 -       Niels Søndergaard (NSo)

The exact change-overs are not known, except between YRe and NSo. The 
years apply for the monthly Anders And Extra, too.

> The pocket books has another translator...

And she has been on the job for quite a long time. Here are the issue 
numbers of "Jumbobog":

JB 1-20  Unknown
JB 20-   Birgit Trenckner (BTr)

She started in 1975 and has since then translated all pocket products in 

All this info I have from an answer to a mail I once sent to Egmont, but 
if you are able to add to this, feel free to do so.

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen

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