Donald and the girls

Frank Bubacz frankbubacz at
Fri Jan 30 15:57:23 CET 2004

>Yeah. She [Miss Swansdown-Swoonsudden] has a terrible name, though... 

Well, Donald spoilt his chances with her anyway... Curiously, if I can trust 
my memory, she later reappeared in this story (the flirting journalist in 
the description):

>I know pretty much nothing about Reginella. She's a queen, right?

Yes, a queen from outer space. I only know her debut story, where she lives 
underwater. According to INDUCKS, she appeared in five proper adventures 
between 1972 and 1994, all written by Cimino and drawn (bar the last one) by 
Cavazzano. I'm sure, others know more about her.

Oh, wait:


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