Whitewater and Fethry

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Lars Jensen Wrote:
> Don Rosa wrote:
> > If Fethry's last name is Duck and he's Donald's cousin,
> > there's no place else he could be than the son of a son of Grandma.
> > And the same goes for Whitewater.
> Except for your Duck Family Tree, Whitewater has only ever appeared in
> *one* place: The story "Log Jockey" (WDC 267). Let me quote from the
> beginning of that tale, where Donald and HDL are entering a forest:
> > Text: "In a dither of curiosity about his kinfolks, Donald is driving
> > hither and thither tracing the limbs of the Duck family tree!"
> >
> > Donald: "I read in our album that we have a distant cousin named
> > Whitewater Duck living in this forest!"
> >
> > Nephew: "Let him stay distant, Unca Donald! We don't like the idea of
> > tracking down relatives you've never met!"
> So Whitewater is not an actual cousin of Donald's -- only a distant
> relative. Which, of course, means that there's no reason why he would be
> the brother of Fethry. Other than their common last name, that is.

Most distant relatives are cousins of some type: third 
cousins, fifth cousins, tenth cousins once removed. Barks 
says Whitewater is Donald's cousin, so he must be.  Barks 
doesn't say he is a first cousin, he could be a tenth cousin
once removed for all we know.

But for the Family Tree, if Whitewater isn't a first cousin, 
then Rosa has to make up more relatives.  If Whitewater is 
a second cousin, then Rosa has to make up a father, brother 
and nephew for Humperdink Duck (and wives for all those people 
too).  If Whitewater is even more distant, even more relatives 
must be invented.

So. to keep the tree managable, it's much easier to make 
Whitewater a first cousin

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