DCML Digest Issue 2

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Jul 2 13:44:45 CEST 2004

> From: Ola Martinsson <Ola.Martinsson at ericsson.com>
> I've read the first part of your new story and so far I like it. There
> however is one detail that I'm wondering about.
> ******* SPOILER WARNING ************
> When Lutin falls by slipping on the carpet he is catched by the hook.
> But wouldn't he swing around in a circular movement around the point
> where the hook is hooked to the floor so that he would glorp the floor
> from underneath where the hook is so it would in fact become loose again
> and he would continue to fall ?

No, because if that happened, the story wouldn't work.
But that's why the hook was so large with a wide radius from point to its
base -- it extended out far enough that if he swung backwards, he wouldn't
glorp that spot where the hook point was lodged. Also, I think I mentioned
somewhere (or it's just something *I* know), when he's falling through those
floors, he's not falling at full speed, he's being slowed down *a bit* by
the brief moments that the Omnisolve(tm) takes to dissolve the concrete...
that's why he wasn't killed when he fell 10 floors onto that pile of
diamonds in the original story. So he would not spin very much when the hook
dug into something... mostly just hang there.
But... I dunno, I couldn't experiment...

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