Classic Literature parodies of Topolino

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Wed Jul 7 13:20:23 CEST 2004

Hi Timo!

>How about Luciano Bottaro in his version of Orlando Furioso (Paperin 
>Furioso)? Finnish translation has no trace of poetic language. It's plain 
>straightforwad prose and normal dialogue all the way. How is it in original?

It's prose, but not "modern" Italian. Very simplistically, the language
used in those stories by Chendi & Bottaro is sort of a parody of the
"aulic" Italian used by, for instance, the already quoted Torquato Tasso,
and is said to have inspired the dialogues of the very famous (in Italy,
at least) Brancaleone movies series, starring the late, great Vittorio

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