The infamous "Il Gatto"

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Wed Jul 28 17:20:32 CEST 2004


  Sorry my post rubbed you the wrong way or wasn't what you had in mind. 
I was simply tossing out a possibility and laying out the reasoning for 
it. Albeit, it was lengthy and used politically-pointed examples to 
make my point. Take it with a grain of salt.

>> [Il Gatto] seems like a standard "journalist with no morals" to me.
>> Is it just a coincidence that he hasn't been used much the last many
>> decades?

I guess you wanted a yes or no answer?  Oh well...

   I know not everyone that does comics bends the same way and readers 
usually shy away from politically-charged stories. But political slant 
happens, in movies, TV, and yes, even in comics. Intentional or not, I 
don't wet my pants over it, and neither should you.

   For all I know or care, your probably right, the Itailians most 
likely ran out of ideas for Il Gato, and he's been forgotten ever 
since. Like I said, I never even heard of Il Gato till you inquired 
about him. I haven't invested the time in researching the character.  I 
fully encourage you to use Il Gato in a story. The story potential of a 
crooked, lying, immoral jerk of a journalist IS immense. Go nuts with 
it. Use him how you wish. If your going to be fearful of being labeled 
as one thing or another, don't.

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