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I answered to the original question yesterday, but I must have answered to
a private email, since it never came here.

But as I wrote in that email I explained that this box is from an American
serie of limited DVDs called "Walt Disney Treasures" and all those boxes
include only 2 DVDs with a special topic.

There are 3-4 new titles every christmas and here a list:

December 4, 2001 - 150,000 tins produced

* Mickey Mouse in Living Color
* Silly Symphonies
* Disneyland USA
* Davy Crockett: The Complete Televised Series

December 3, 2002 - 125,000 tins produced

* Mickey Mouse in Black & White
* The Complete Goofy
* Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio

May 18, 2004 - Varying Number of Tins produced (This was deleayd)

* Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2 (175,000 tins)
* The Chronological Donald (165,000 tins)
* On the Front Lines (250,000 tins) 
* Walt's Tomorrowland (105,000 tins)

As you can see there was originaly a Mickey Mouse box but they never called
it "Volume 1" because they never knew if they would release a "Volume 2".
This box was originaly released on Laserdisc as a "Volume 1" but sold
terrible so they never made a second one. When it came to DVD Disney did
not want to make the same "mistake" so they just made it witout mentioning
that there might be another one.

When they made the "Cronological Donald" box they have learned from this
mistake and instead of calling it Volume 1 they just called it
Cronological. That way they easily can make a "Cronological Donald volume
2" in a couple of years. There is enough material for another 2 disc box
with Donald Duck.

So that is the reason why there "only" are 2 discs in the Europe and
Australian Donald DVD, it is just a copy from an original American edition
that just follows a patern for how to make them. It has nothing to do with
popularity in the US.

Lars Olav Karlsen
Oslo, Norway

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> it is a world wide series.
> since they have a couple volumes of Mickey Mouse out, i assume if the
> duck sold well, a second set will come out.
> steven rowe

And being a world series they know that are not so fans of Donald Duck in
the world as in the nordic countries. They maybe could sell four discs
there, but nobody in the rest of the world will pay more for him. Sad, but
economic. ;-)

bonvolu postu al longtom at


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