Fan fiction

Sander Dijkhuis sander.dijkhuis at
Sat Jul 31 14:13:41 CEST 2004

I think I sent it to the wrong address (only to Mickey's), so here is
my reply (again?):

Mickey wrote:
> Maybe it's already been posted, but I've read this fan fiction
> dedicated to the love story between Scrooge and Goldie. I think it's very
> good. Do you agree?

Yes, it's a very nice story. There are two other great (comic) stories
of Katie Sullivan on that site:

> It's the only real "Ducks" fan fiction I've found on the web :-/

There is some Italian PK fan fiction at
Søren Haagerup and I have tried to make a Duck-fan fiction message
board some time ago, at It's closed now
because almost nobody visited the site anymore, but you can still read
the stories.

Sander Dijkhuis

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