Hall of Fame

Olaf Solstrand olaf at andebyonline.com
Sat Mar 6 10:50:46 CET 2004

> My sentiments as well. If they are going to present 3-tiers, these would 
> amount to maybe three or four stories, which sounds a bit... um... anti- 
> climactic to me. I can only hope there will be more than one volume 
> dedicated to Scarpa.

I would hope so too, but I really doubt it, so instead I cross my fingers 
real hard and hope that the Scarpa book simply will have more pages than 
those of authors writing 4-tiers.

And I assume they will add at least two or three of his shorter Egmont 
stories... a little annoying, since he didn't write many of them himself, 
but... Hey, I'm still more and more satisfied for every extra page of 

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