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Sat Mar 6 14:12:56 CET 2004

>I would hope so too, but I really doubt it, so instead I cross my fingers
>real hard and hope that the Scarpa book simply will have more pages than
>those of authors writing 4-tiers.
>And I assume they will add at least two or three of his shorter Egmont
>stories... a little annoying, since he didn't write many of them himself,
>but... Hey, I'm still more and more satisfied for every extra page of

A similar book was published here in Finland last year. It is the second
volume of the series called Ankantekijät (Duck Makers) that has the same
idea as the Hall of Fame. First volume contained Junior Woodchuck stories
written by Barks and drawn by Jippes. The next should be a Vicar one.

But the Scarpa book contained 3-tier stories, all written and drawn by
him. Scarpa had written and introduction to the book and to every story.
You can browse the contents here:

A very nice book, only one story had been published here earlier and
printing quality was just great. The magnifications from pocket book size
to album size hadn't made the lines rough.

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