No more corrections! (For a moment...)

Don Rosa donrosa at
Tue Mar 9 15:53:07 CET 2004

Well, I'm done with correction corrections for the moment, but I see I
missed one of Geir's questions:

 > From: Geir Hasnes [mailto:g-hasne at]
> To: Don Rosa; dcml at
> And some ten years ago you advised me (re my story idea of the
> Holy Grail and St. Brendan's voyage) that Disney would never
> accept a story with the Holy Grail!

I don't care what Disney would accept, so I doubt that I ever mentioned
them. But I probably didn't merely say that Egmont would not accept it, I'm
sure I said that *I* would not want to do it! For 18 years fans have been
telling me that I should do a story about $crooge's quest for the Holy
Grail. But to do a story that *centered* on the Holy Grail would mean that I
would obviously need to describe during the story exactly what the Grail is
supposed to be -- I would have to discuss the Last Supper and Jesus and who
he was or might have been and who knows how many of the readers or the
cartoonist himself believes or agrees with any of that? I still believe in a
strict separation of church and comics, regardless of how George Bush and
his henchmen try to screw up our constitution! (I shouldn't say that -- Bush
has no henchmen. He *is* a henchman of somebody else -- clearly *he's* not
the "brains" of that operation. Lord god I hope not.)
Anyway, despite all that, I can still use the Grail as a single element of a
larger treasure. That way I can simply mention the Grail (or the Ark) and
let the reader decide for himself if he knows what it is or cares what it is
or anything else. And the story's plot is not interrupted for the kiddies
who don't know or care. Once my research showed me that the Grail and the
Ark, if they are anywhere, are supposedly hidden with the Templar treasury,
that was my queue to include them in the story and slyly satisfy the readers
who have always wanted me to do so (and me, too).

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