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> If I remember correctly, Romano Scarpa's "Paperolimpiadi" featured an
> invention by Gyro Gearloose: A TV camera which could tape what happened
> a few hours into the future.
> Am I correct? And if I am: Does anybody remember more story details?

You remember correctly.


The vital ingredient for this camera were a magical blue powder. When Kim 
Don-Ling was a little boy in South Korea, a meteor landed in Mae-Wang's 
soup kettle. Strange light appeared, and after a while the kettle were full 
of blue powder. The next day - or were it some days later - Kim went to his 
regular daily date by the bamboo fence, meeting with Chen Dai-Lem. As she 
was a North Korean, they weren't allowed to cross the borders, but they 
used to talk through the bamboo fence. This day, Kim brought a gift for 
Chen - a jade bracelet his mother got when she was a girl. However, when he 
should throw the bracelet over the fence, it got stuck. He climbed up to 
get it down, and fell down on the North side. Kim and Chen met in person 
for the first time in their lives... And it was the happiest day ever for 
both of them. However, after some hours some guards were patrolling, and 
Kim suddenly realized he had to hurry back before anyone figured out he had 
been in North. He hurried to much he cut his leg on the bamboo fence. 
Afraid to be discovered by the South guards, he went back to Mae-Wang, the 
only safe hideout he could think of. She told him the blue powder had 
turned out to have healing abilities; she put it on Kim's leg, and the scar 
was healed. Kim got a whole bag of it for personal use, and brought it when 
his family immigrated to USA.

Many years later, when Kim was a paper boy in Duckburg, Huey, Dewey and 
Louie were with him on his paper route, and Louie tripped in a root and got 
a blue eye. Kim healed it with the blue powder. He then told them the story 
of how he got it, and they asked for a sample to give to a good friend - 
Gyro - for analysis. At this time, Gyro were working on making lenses for 
Scrooge's TV cameras for using in the Seoul summer olympics, and he was 
running short on the main ingredient - a blue pyrites. He could see that 
this powder was somehow similar to the pyrites, and tried making a lense 
out of it. Only that this lense didn't show what he pointed it towards. It 
showed the future. (Gyro also figured out that the powder worked as a 
"healing powder" because the body part healed were sent into the future 
when it normally would have healed by itself.)

As to what happened to the camera later: Scrooge decided to use this camera 
for showing the olympiad long before it happened, Black Pete stole it, 
Mickey got it back, and when Scrooge and company visited Mae-Wang in South 
Korea to meet with some aliens trying to steal the olympic medals, she 
poured some acid on it to destroy it because she thought the world wasn't 
ready for it. The camera was destroyed, but not before it had helped Kim 
save Chen Dai-Lem's life.

Olaf the Blue

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