OT: No more corrections! (For a moment...)

Lars Jensen lpj at forfatter.dk
Wed Mar 17 21:37:36 CET 2004

Don Rosa wrote:

> Bush has no henchmen. He *is* a henchman of somebody else -- clearly
> *he's* not the "brains" of that operation. Lord god I hope not.

Interior, a hall inside a secret military base. Large windows show us
we're on the bottom of the ocean. With one chop of his hand, Superman is
splitting a huge powerful-looking laser cannon in half. Wonder Woman,
Batman, Flash and the other members of the Justice League stand behind
him, looking on.

Superman: That's the last of the cannons! We've *won*!

A shadowy figure appears in a doorway, facing the League.

Figure: As usual, you misunderestimate me, Superman!

The figure steps into the light, and we now see it's George W. Bush.

Bush: In spite of your efforts, you've failed! While you guys were busy
battlin' those laser cannons, dozens of nukelar-powered Amazos were
activated by mah assistant!

Every member of the League turn their heads to look at a bald-headed guy
standing next to a vending machine, eating a donut. The guy looks back
at the League for a second with an empty facial expression, then slaps
his face in frustration. He clearly forgot to activate those Amazos.

Homer Simpson: D'oh!

As the Flash begins moving towards Simpson, the latter begins running
towards a lever at the other side of the room.

Simpson: Must... reach... activation... lever! Must... outrun... the
Fastest... Man... Alive!

and so on and so on...

(Apologies to any Republicans out there for this off-topic posting, but
the temptation was too great.)


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