Letter from home, is the letter J in the latin alphabet ?

Nat Chrenshaw natchrenshaw at yahoo.se
Thu Mar 18 15:49:59 CET 2004

>  I assume that the 
>  letter J is not present in the latin alphabet.

On the website http://www.du.edu/~etuttle/classics/latalph.htm i found this: 
> The latin alphabet of 23 letters was derived in the 600's BC from the 
> Etruscan alphabet of 26 letters, which was in turn derived from the 
> archaic Greek alphabet, which came from the Phoenician. The letters > J, U, and W of the modern alphabet were added in medieval times 
> century), and did not appear in the classical alphabet, except that J 
> and U could be alternative forms for I and V. 
After reading a bit more on the site it seems like by writing "medieval times" they mean somewhere around the 11th century, which doesn't make it a bit less confusing... 
Could somebody help clear this out...? 
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Huh? =)


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