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> Unless... Did Mae-Wang have any blue powder left at the end of the
> story?

She didn't, no. Not according to Kim.

"The fortune camera is destroyed!"
"Do you have more powder for a new, Kim?"
"No! And neither does Mae-Wang!"
(page 242)

Mae-Wang about the camera (M = Mae Wang, K = Kim Don-Ling, P = Paperoidi 
king, S = Scrooge):

(page 196)
M: "I have delicious soup in the kettle! Do you want some?"
K: "You bet! Do you remember when the meteor rock fell into
   the kettle?"
K: "The magic powder is highly valued by my friends in science
   and... hm... business in my new country!"
M: "Not only for medicine?"
K: "No, it's used to make a fortune camera which can predict
   the future!"
M: "Oh?"
K: "You're not angry, are you?"
M: "Not at you! But it's wrong to try to foresee the future.
   Stupid too!"
K: "Done is done. I'm sorry!"
M: "Come and eat now! Hm... If I'm partly responsible for that
   fortune camera... I would prefer seeing it undone!"
Later (page 220):
M: (whispers) "Tell me one thing... do they still have the
   fortune camera along with them?"
K: (whispers) "Yes. It's in a package in the helicopter."
P: "I hope I find the same type of gold somewhere else... in time for the 
S: "I'm sure you will."
P: "Tell me... do you still have soup left?"
M: "I'll go get some, king <name>!"
P: "Thanks! At least I will be full when turning back to space!"
M: (leaving cave) "Wait! I'll get soup for all!"
M: (in helicopter, thinking) "I don't like fooling Kim, but it's
M: (thinking) "This thing is spooky. A little acid will destroy
   it... slowly!"

So even if Kim was wrong about this and she HAD powder left, she would 
never offer to give it away for a new camera anyway... But I'm sure it was 
a great story idea, Lars. :-)

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