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Mon Mar 22 16:17:39 CET 2004

Frank Bubacz wrote:

> Barks will be 
> excluded completely from the German 'Hall of Fame', because those in power 
> decided we've already suffered a Barks-overdose within the last ten years or 
> so. Which is rubbish, of course, although maybe not from a business point of 
> view. ;-)

So you're saying they did NOT print too much Barks in Germany?
But the Germans had several Barks series: Tollsten Geschichten ("Sonderheft"), Bound volumes of the Tollsten Geschichten, Besten Geschichten, Hard-cover reprints of the Besten Geschichten, Barks Library.
With all these series, I wouldn't need yet-another-one, if I were German.


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