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       I'm an original comic art collector.  I had a question regarding Basil 
Wolverton's MM tryout artwork.  Hopefully you might have some insight on this 
work.  I know a gentlemen(very knowledgeable in the comics collectibles 
field) who has a Wolverton illustration of Mickey and Minnie "space walking" over a 
lunar terrain.  He tells the story that Wolverton gave this illustration to a 
gentlemen in the 1930's.  He in turn obtained it from that gentlemen some 20 
or so years later and has had the piece in his collection for the last 40-50 
years.  The drawing is on 8 1/2 x 11 single ply paper(almost like a bond paper 
or a kind of onion skin paper) and unsigned.  I remember seeing this piece in 
a 70's comic catalog years ago.  Have you any insight on this piece or similar 
pieces?  I can send you a scan of the piece from another of my email 
addresses should you care to take a look at it.  Do you know of any other collectors 
or historians that might be able to give additional information.  I appreciate 
any help you might be able to provide.               

Thanks,    Jim D'Amico
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