DCML Digest Issue 32

Olaf Solstrand olaf at andebyonline.com
Mon Mar 29 20:56:22 CEST 2004

Mark Baker-Wright:
> You need to give more substantiating evidence for a claim like that,
> which strikes me as absurd.

OK, I'll translate some of the article.

"Scrooge goes to Africa with among others Donald's mother in 1909, and they 
don't see each other until 27 years later, which is in 1936. At that time 
Donald and his sister Della (later mother to the kids) born. It's obvious 
that Della and Donald is the same age. The next time Donald sees his uncle 
is in 1947, at that time the kids are born and moved in with him. We don't 
know Donald's, Della's or the kids' age, but Donald says in 1947: "I have 
only seen him [Scrooge] once... when I was YOUNGER than you are now!" Let's 
say Donald and Della are twins and that Huey, Dewey and Louie were the same 
age in 1947 as Donald were in 1936, then Della must have been 11 years old 
when giving birth to Huey, Dewey and Louie... ! ! !"

Don Rosa:
> And you can tell that to the writer(s) of that webpage for me.

Oh, I did that after talking to you about it last summer. After that, they 
added a link on the bottom of the page, leading to "Don Rosa's answer" with 
comments from the page author.

The answer to that mail I forwarded from you, Don, is that it's not 
possible, you can't be telling the truth, it is all a conspiracy.

[back to quote and translate mode.]

"According to Don Rosa's answer Huey, Dewey and Louie should have been born 
in 1950, but the kids appear already October 17th 1937! This strip is drawn 
by reporter Taliaferro, and although one of course can discuss his value as 
a source, there can be no doubt the kids existed in 1937. How else could he 
have known of their existance? Had a vision? Or travelled into time, seen 
the kids, gone back to 1937 to draw them in the strip? Not very likely!

Let's instead evaluate the two errors mentioned in Don Rosa's answer. 
Whether the original American and original text said 23 years instead of 27 
years, I haven't been able to find out, as I haven't got hold of the 
American text. But as this will be explored sooner or later, the 
conspirators has most likely not dared to lie about this. Actually 23 years 
gives more meaning than 27 years, as Della in that case has been appr. 15 
years old. According to the matemathical uncertainties mentioned in the 
original article, that's something between 13½ and 16½ years old. In this 
age it's natural that Della was technically mature enough to have a baby, 
but it's still a young age, and she could e.g. not be married. How 23 can 
be translated to 27 is still a mystery to me, though. Were the translator a 
dyslectic and dyscalculic in practice?

The second error mentioned is simply impossible! Part because the kids 
showed up already in 1937, part because I find it unlikely that Don Rosa 
has made a mistake! So what's the explanation of the words of his e-mail? 
We have to assume one of three possibilities.

1. Disney has at some time forced Don Rosa to hide Della's young age at the 
point of pregnancy. Although Don Rosa never has silenced and absolutely not 
told lies in his stories, there can be no doubt he has had lots of pressure 
on hiding Della's teenage pregnancy. E.g. a public secret among donaldists 
is that Don Rosa already has written a story about the father of HDL and 
his meeting with Della. But they refuse to publish this story! And why? 
Naturally because Egmont tries to hide Della's pregnancy!"

The two other points have been censored by the page administrator later 
when they understood they were insulting people with them. E.g. one of the 
possible explanations were that _I_ were making the entire story up and 
that I had not really talked to Don Rosa about this - which seemed very 
likely since I work for Egmont, which along with Disney are the really bad 
guys doing everything to hide this teenage pregnancy. Also, as it's 
*impossible* that Don Rosa makes a mistake, of course he would never admit 
such a thing...

So: I *have* told the people running that web page your views on this, Don. 
As a result of this, I was spotted, insulted and laughed at. Naturally, I 
hope you therefor have full understanding that I won't contact them AGAIN.


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