Comic sales/Pete & Alice & Oswald & others CarmenG at
Sun May 9 18:21:45 CEST 2004

I'm encouraged by the sales of Disney comics, but is this count simply the 
number ordered by comic shops? Because I've got to say--I see a lot of them 
piling up at my comic store; I may be the only one buying them. (And because of 
the prices, I don't buy all of them as I used to do.) Does anyone have any other 
anectodal evidence of sales?

And forgive me if I'm asking an old question, but are any of the Alice or 
Oswald films available for viewing? I teach a film class and I've found some 
obscure movies to show, but I can't seem to find these. The Disney Alice shorts 
would be interesting, and I'd like to see the Oswalds from both Disney and 

In other matters, I'm interested in talking to some Northern Europeans about 
an old folktale called "The Bear's Son" or something like that. It's for 
another class I teach. Sorry, no comics connection that I can think of, unless Pete 
is somehow related!

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