DCML Digest, Vol 15, Issue 14

Gary Leach bangfish at comcast.net
Wed May 12 14:30:28 CEST 2004

Daniel Neyer wrote:

> It may be just my
> imagination, but it's starting to seem to me that Gemstone has 
> initiated
> some new policy to phase out the older Mouse and replace him with this
> cross between Harry Potter and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

While I have no business disputing someone's tastes in stories, I will 
make it very clear that Gemstone sets no policies concerning which 
"types" of characters are to be used in our comics. Moreover, everyone 
here knows that there are more "older" Mice than you can shake a stick 
at - we could never, in our wildest dreams, come up with any series of 
stories by anyone, past, present, or future, that wouldn't  seriously 
violate someone's idea of the "Classic" Mickey. Frankly, Disney - and I 
mean DISNEY Disney - has been in this bind for decades, and Disney 
comics publishers are no less stymied.

But that isn't a call to stop criticizing Gemstone's efforts. On the 
contrary, the viewpoints often expressed here, of whatever nature, are 
of the keenest interest to those of us who work on these books. 
Gemstone has e-mail addresses for each of the monthly titles, as 

us at gemstonepub.com
wdc at gemstonepub.com
dd at gemstonepub.com
mm at gemstonepub.com

(I'll post an e-mail address for Donald Duck Adventures and the pending 
Mickey Mouse Adventures pocket book titles shortly.)

These are open to anyone, to submit any commentary they like, so long 
as it relates to Gemstone's Disney comics. On behalf of the entire 
Gemstone editorial staff, I sincerely invite all of you to do so.

Moreover, if anyone would like Gemstone to consider publishing remarks 
they make here on the DCML, just state so in your postings. Please do 
so for each posting; at no time will Gemstone use anything from the 
DCML for publication without this prior consent.


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