last chance: Barks exhibition in Oslo

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Wed Nov 3 10:31:21 CET 2004

Today: last chance. An astounding 5,000 people have
visited the "Carl Barks: The Artist and the Story Teller"
at Serieteket. The "Barks-on-Wednesday" events have
also been very well visited. Last Wednesday Anders
Heger vs. Nils Lid Hjort. This evening: "Donaldism,
yesterday and today", with Jon Gisle, author of the quite
famous "Donaldismen" (1973), Tor Ødemark, and 
Jan P. Krogh.
This is also the last chance to challenge "Team Anton",
who has won the two last Barks Quiz competitions.
Awards to the winners, courtesy the Egmont company.

I understand that this exhbition will travel to Fredrikstad
(??) after this, before coming home to Helsinki. I'll give
more information about this later. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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