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Mon Nov 22 04:44:26 CET 2004

Hi all!

Travis Seitler sent me an email explaining  what happened with MMF 271 and 
since he apparently meant the email to go to the DCML as well as to me, here it 
is below:

Derek (et al.),

Quebecor apparently had a binding error with their final batch: if you'll
notice, the same thing should have occurred with pages 1-4 and 5-8 of that
issue, too. I don't at present have an exact number of copies affected by
this error, but we have been assured by Quebecor that this is only the case
for a very small minority of the books.

We first noticed this with the advance copies we got straight from Quebecor
last week. Once we brought it to Quebecor's attention, we sent the alert to
Diamond Comic Distributors' distribution centers to run spot-checks on their
inventory of MMF #271 before copies were sent out to retailers. They did,
but didn't find any other mis-bound copies. 

I've passed along notice to "the powers that be" here at Gemstone that (at
least one of) our readers has received one of these "error" copies. They're
going to work out a game plan, and we hope to have some sort of answer for
you really soon.

Since this is just a problem with a small minority of copies, it's not
likely that we'll reprint the missing pages in a future issue... but we
aren't going to leave you in the dark about Doc Static's "Santa crisis".
Just think of it as a (really lame) cliffhanger!

Seriously, though: I apologize for the trouble, and we'll get things ironed
out as soon as we can.

If anyone else has received one of these mis-bound books, please contact me
off-list <stravis at> so that I can keep track of who's been
affected (without clogging DCML).

Thanks for your patience!
Travis Seitler
Art Director, Disney Comic Books
Gemstone Publishing
stravis at
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