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I have tried to research details on the early 1930's Mickey comics and have come across the following book: "Disneyana Classic Collectibles 1928-1958" by Robert Heide and John Gilman published 1994 by Disney Editions. 
The first Mickey Mouse Magazine giveaway series began in January 1933 and ran 9 issues until Sept. 1933. The cover scan submitted used in Outducks (Inducks link) was for April 1933 and accordingly is the fourth issue of that series. The second or Mickey Mouse Mag. Dairy giveaway series began in November 1933, without overlapping the first series, and ran until Oct. 1935. However the third or Mickey Mouse Mag. retail (sold) series began as a "Summer Quarterly" 1935,  at 25 cent price. The second issue in that series was in Oct. 1935 (overlapping the Dairy giveaway series). From that time until the end of the retail series in Sept. 1940 the price of this series was 10 cents.
Another scan submitted was for Mickey Mouse Comic No. 1.  This scan now appears in Outducks under "Mickey Mouse"  which is the heading for all comics titled Mickey Mouse beginning wth the Dell issues published after the Four Color Issues. I suggest that Mickey Mouse Comic No.1 should have its own entry in Inducks and Outducks simply titled "Mickey Mouse Comic". This comic appeared in 1931 before all other Disney comic books, was essentially like an annual one shot with 3 others appearing in the next 3 years, and had a different size: 10" by 9 3/4 inch.   
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