Question for Don Rosa about the McDuck tartan

Lars Olav Karlsen donald at
Mon Sep 6 02:23:31 CEST 2004

There is a discussion going on a Norwegian forum right now about the
McDuck tartan.

Carl Barks wrote the story "The hound of the Whiskervilles" in 1960 and
here Scrooge sees the McDuck tartan for the first time in his life. He
knows that it exists but he have never seen it before.

But in the "Life and Times" series (Uncle Scrooge 293) Scrooge have it
as early as 1898-1902

Is this an error from your side Don? Did you forget about "The hound of
the Whiskervilles" when you wrote this story?

All the best

Lars Karlsen
Oslo, Norway

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