DCML Digest Issue 12

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon Sep 13 15:44:03 CEST 2004

> From: Katie Sullivan <vazali at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Chicago?
> Chicago?  *ears perk up*  That's not prohibitively far from
> where I live.  When and where are you going to be?  :)

I am scheduled to be at the MotorCity Chicago Comic Fest. I used to always
go to the Chicago Comic Con until WIZARD bought it out -- I can't
participate in anything sponsored by WIZARD since they represent every
single thing that's wrong with modern comic collecting in America, and even
caused a significant portion of it. But I miss my many Chicago friends and
was glad to accept an invitation to go there by my other friends at
MotorCity Comics whose normal base of operations is Detroit. They hold shows
in Chicago exactly for the reason I state -- that there are lots of us to
can't tolerate that WIZARD style and philosophy but miss having a good
comics fest in the Chicago area.
There seems to be a website at:
...but I notice they must be too busy with traveling to shows with their
vast displays of old comics and whatnot to be keeping it up to date. I just
saw MotorCity Comics owner Mike Goldman with his gigantic traveling
inventory in Baltimore yesterday, and he was even then talking about
overwork and lack of help, so I can assume he's being run ragged this

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