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Sun Sep 26 20:22:27 CEST 2004


> I noticed that in Mickey Mouse Adventures, there was the usual info 
> for a subscription ($95 or something). If one were to follow through 
> on that, would they be subscribed to MMA or DDA? And I assume enough 
> time has passed to get some info on sales. Have they been high enough 
> in Gemstone's opinion to make a second issue of MMA (or to make it a 
> regular bimonthly series)? Thanks!

The subscription would be for DDA.

Although final numbers have yet to come back from retailers, it appears 
we have sufficient sales to enable a regular bi-monthly series. At 
present, MMA 2 is scheduled to ship in late February 2005, and from 
that point the series will alternate with DDA, so that Gemstone will be 
doing one pocket book a month.

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