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>I know in b/w comics there are cels with different pre-printed dot
>screens, which can simply be rubbed over the artwork by the artist. They
>become part of the linework.

Yes that was most common thing with b/w newspaper strips.

>But how did the printer create the colors from just three primary colors
>by mixing little dots of varying sizes? Comics were not colored back
>then but instead a number was written into the artwork which represented

There were young ladies as colorists (true!), who used either half 
mechanical method or just by creating different layers of transparent dotted 
cels cutting them with exacto knife (very sharp pen like knife). Each color 
had own separate layer: cyan ("blue"), magenta ("red"), yellow and black 
(line art work). That's where CMYK comes! (K= black Key film). They were 
shot under photographic apparatus and made into films, which were then 
combined together in printer.
Using different kind of dotted cels, varying density of dots (described as 
percentage and quantity of dotted lines within an inch), you could create 
different kind of colors.
Usually different colors were identified with codes. You could create 16 to 
256 colors at least this way, depending on how many different shades of each 
separate colors were used.

>Did Barks write the color codes to his comics himself?

As far as I know, no he didn't.

>Or could they be
>recreated from the printed books?

It's possible, it's hard work but it could be done with modern scanners.

>Has there ever been some academic approach to chronicle the history of
>(comics) printing? Are there museums where photostat cameras are

There was somewhere on the net some articles about this. I wonder where it 


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