How tall are the Beagle Boys ?

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sun Apr 24 18:20:50 CEST 2005

Hello everybody!

I have received the following message from an Australian duck fan:

>>>>>I have a question from a long time fan of Carl Barks,
>>>>>Scrooge McDuck and his nephew Donald.
>>>>>Woudl you be able to tell me the height of the
>>>>>Beagle Boys in centimetres.  I am intending to
>>>>>build them in 1/35th scale for a diorama and need
>>>>>their height.

I remember a discussion a while ago about the ducks' height-- maybe even
their weight-- but not "the" conclusion.
The Beagle Boys seem to be of  average height, compared to the-- 1.70 - 1.80
m ?
Does anyone have an estimate?



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