Baloons part 2

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Tue Apr 26 14:35:31 CEST 2005


I must apologise because last time I send you the
incomplete letter. I don't know how it happened, but
my letter consisted only of the second part including
some picture attachements and somehow omited the
introduction and the description of the files. The
subject was Baloons and it was the answer to the
question from a discussion from this list that went on
not so long ago. Although this is a little bit late on
a subject I hope you won't mind. The question someone
put was: did editiors ocasionally redraw baloons. 

Yes they did, and not only that, I found out that in
some cases there has been severe changes to the
editing. As you can see in the above example from
Politikin Zabavnik (Yugoslavia, 1952) the baloons in
Mickey Mouse comic have been edited in the following

-redrawn completely
-sometimes some baloons deleted
-sometimes whole captions added

All this along with the very loose translation, a lot
of skipped panels, etc. makes The land of long ago
from Politikin Zabavnik into a story with totaly
different flow. I'd say that it is a new comic


(see the picture)

Mickey: "Don't listen to him, professor, he's always
making remarks like this but in the end he always goes
with me."
Professor: "Good, kids. And now let me work."
Professor: "I have to, according to this plan of
"Dynosaurus Express", put into it the machinery from
the plane you flew here with."
Mickey: "Do you need any help?"

that is all for now from me, have a good time

and happy hollidays 

rest your eyes, take a look at some fan art

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