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Tue Aug 2 14:38:40 CEST 2005


> The "How Green was my Lettuce" story was published in Komix 
> #51, September 
> 1992. According to the main article of that issue, called 
> "The Hardest 
> Snipping", the american editors removed 2 pages from the story to add 
> advertisements. The greek editors found the first one and 3/4 
> of the second one, and placed them in the story.

They "found" the lost panels in Gladstone's US 241, published in 1990.
Looking at the title of the article, "The Hardest Snipping" may be a
direct translation of "The Cruelest Cuts of them All", published in that
same US 241...

> The lost parts of the story was merged 
> with the original panels and today they form the pages 2,3 
> and 4. The 2 
> panels that was missing from the second lost page was 
> re-drawn by Don Rosa. 
> As far as I know, in 1992 the greek edition was the most 
> complete in the world.

Is that what they claim in Komix? They simply copied the Gladstone
(Do they also suggest that Rosa made these 2 panels especially for

Anyway, the 2 Rosa panels are in the story, and not on the *cover* of
that Komix issue. So I'll adjust the index in Inducks.

Simo wrote:
> If it is in Inducks then surely it must be correct!
> Huh? :)

Never fully rely on Inducks! 8-)


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