October 2005 Gemstone Comic Previews

JOHN CHADWICK wolfsong at mpinet.net
Wed Aug 3 23:23:11 CEST 2005

Wondering if anyone saw this solicitation under Amazing Ink in the new Previews:

 by Roman Dirge and various Welcome foolish mortals to The Haunted Mansion. Featuring stories inspired by the favorite Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion is a bi-monthly anthology comic featuring some of SLG's favorite creators. Not based on the movie, Haunted Mansion will tell the stories of the 999 happy haunts that call the mansion home. The first issue features a cover by Lenore creator Roman Dirge. Interior stories will feature work by Dirge, Serena Valentino, Darren W. Frydenhall, Jon 'Bean' Hastings and a host of others. 

Can we count this as a Disney comic?
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