Scamp revisited/D D 2004-003 and some other new stories.

Lars Jensen lpj at
Fri Aug 5 11:30:46 CEST 2005

Mateusz Lis wrote:

> I was also very surprised to see the characters from "The Lady and the
> Tramp" (and a direct-to-video sequel of it) in the weekly. I must
> admit that I prefer the ducks and mice universes, but it's nice to see
> some variety in the comic book. Accordind to the credits, this certain
> story (D 2004-341)  was written by Lars Jensen, so thank you Lars for
> (re)introducing characters from Disney animated features to the
> weekly.

You're welcome, but I honestly can't take credit for bringing back the
Scamp characters -- I was asked to do so by ECN.

And in case anybody is interested: we won't be using any element
originated in the "Lady and the Tramp II" movie. I'm going to stick with
the first movie, the comic books and the newspaper strip.

Søren Krarup Olesen wrote:

> As Don Markstein recently reintroduced Super Goof sucessfully, so did
> Lars Jensen this week with Scamp in "Just Like Pop" (D 2004-341).
> Although I had to get adjusted to the artwork, this is indeed a fine
> little story...very cute, almost too cute :-)
> I like this expansion of the universe, yet it isn't, it's more like
> bringing the universe of Disney comics back to normal--as it used to
> be in the old days. The art isn't by Hubbard or Gonzales of course but
> Daniel Pérez does a good and detailed job here.
> Thumbs up again, to both of you guys.

The story was *very* cute, yeah, but it was necessary for the purposes
of that particular story. Don't worry: future Scamp stories will be less

I too thought Daniel Perez did a good job. And yes, to me the "real"
Danish weekly is still the one from the early 1970s, when we had Ducks,
Mice, Scamp, Madam Mim, the Wolves, Little Hiawatha, Chip 'n' Dale,
Br'er Rabbit, the Aristocats etc. Great stuff!

And thanks for the positive words, both of you.


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