MMA 4 paper

Gary Leach bangfish at
Fri Aug 5 17:18:04 CEST 2005


> MMA 4: I noticed that the issue was made with glossy paper similiar  
> to what US and WDCS are made of. Upon getting DDA 13 today, I found  
> that it had the same kind of paper that it and MMAs before 4 had  
> used. Was the glossy paper thing for MMA 4 a one time thing? (Maybe  
> paper prices went down that month, so glossy paper?) At any rate,  
> MMA 4's paper quality was a nice surprise, especially since it was  
> for the same price as always. :)

Use of that paper was purely an error on the part of the printer.  
It's regular use on the Take-Along titles would not be financially  

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