The italian Life of Scrooge

Mickey mickey at
Sat Aug 13 13:05:22 CEST 2005

Well, Lars:

About the age of Rockerduck, you've been answered.
It's one of the infinite inconsistencies of the Italian school, and of the
giant Guido Martina.

About the first rendez-vous between Scrooge and Brigitta... (that *I* think
it's set in the original 1898... so, in the Yukon)...
... I'm sorry but I can't find the reference, I haven't read that story

The rest of the references are from
- "Paperino e l'uomo del West" written by Martina, about the twin of Scrooge
(I AO 55034-A)
- "Zio Paperone e l'oro del Klondike" by Martina and Scarpa, about the birth
of Scrooge (I TL  756-A)
- "Buon compleanno Paperino" by Rota, about the birth of Donald (I HBP
- "Le Giovani Marmotte e la storia virtuosa", a story of the JW written by
Cimino, about the Number One Dime (I GM   51-1)
- "Il grande amore di Zio Paperone", about Molly McGold (I TL 1746)

I'm here if you want other information!


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