DCML Digest, Vol 30, Issue 14

asaramelli asaramelli at ig.com.br
Thu Aug 18 21:26:52 CEST 2005

Paolo : 

The Uncle Scrooge accountant 

Thanks for your help, as I saw , " Down for the Count " wasn´t 
published in Brazil, but I´m verifying with the members of the brazilian 
Disney List to more information, because the image I remember in my mind 
about Sr, Numério is very closer than I saw in 
"Dow for the Count" 

Thanks a lot ! 

Alexandre Saramelli 
São Paulo -  Brazil 

I received the following some days ago. Anybody who can help? 
Do you know anybody who is able to help me to find mr Numério ? 

Could it be Down for the Count (W US 61-03)? 

- Paolo 



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