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This article was wrote by Mrs Denise Frossard. 
Mrs Denise Frossard is a  famous brazilian judge, from the land of Joe 
Carioca, Rio de Janeiro , and actually is member of Brazilian Parliament. 
At this  moment she is investigating a very big and complex  crime scheme, 
involving important politics, and maybe, the Brazilian President. 

In the article, "The Enrichment Show", she gives mention to Uncle Scrooge 
and his number one coin, in a very sensibility way. 
In my personal opinion, is a homage to Mr. Scrooge Mc Scrooge, to Mr. Keno 
Don Rosa,  for all Uncle Scrooge (  Tio Patinhas for me ) fans around the 
world, and for all entrepreneurs that got a number one coin  . 

I invite all DCML friends to read : 

O Globo Journal 
Rio de Janeiro, 2004 June, 28 

The Enrichment Show 

Uncle Scrooge began his life as a shoe shiner in Scotland where 
earned his number one coin, his luck coin, that greedy turned, along many 
years, the bigger fortune in Duckburg history. Never one duck, live or dead, 
was able to be close to the Uncle Scrooge fortune. 

The big business whisper is always in it´s begin, in the number one coin, in 
the luck object. 

Financial sucess people got one coin number one in his entrepreneur skills, 
in his sense for business, skills able to turn, on a table time, a little 
greenery shop to a big supermarket net, an old car to a bus fleet, an 
outpatient to a clinic, and more time, to a hospital, a little desk in a 
little room to a big majestic and sucess lawyer office, an shoe shiner box 
to a shoe shiner shop, 
a room in a little school to, more time, a big school complex ; Patience to 
an créche, only a few examples. 

For many time, I used to help a non governmental organization to help 
entrepreneurs to having acess to credit. I met many situations where the 
combination of credit and, at the same time, woman´s criativity for 
survival, turned little home sweets, pizzas and hand made objects production 
to very profitable businesses. Who met the work of Indian Professor Muhammed 
Yunus, and his example multiplied here in Brazil by organizations like The 
Woman Bank, are going to know the multiplication miraculous who born from 
the combination of easy credit, entrepreneur skill and aim to the work, 
combination who turns in gold many fist one coins. 

Many earns a luck coin in the lottery and fortunes build by relatives and 
earned by heritage. they mix luck with care and greedy and are able to Keep 
a comfortable life for many years, and transfer it for his grandchildren any 
financing comfort. 
In the sucess business and fortunes world there are people who can´t show 
his luck coin to the public, because it was stolened, and stolen is a very 
bad action, and is risk , it able to provocate headsicks, besides the fact 
if it is discovered by the real luck coin owner, with certainly, claim for 

To build fortunes without a luck coin, we see many money cleaners, actually 
very sucess professionals in all the world. 

A big challenger for the modern society is discover stolened coins, on tax 
payements, activity easier as long is possible to look and find the real 
fortunes origins. 

A good track for all investigators : even the less dedicated for the work : 
The Police, the Public Life is not an activity able to enrich. From the 
brazilian nation higher political position to the little position, salaries 
are not possibilities to earn fortunes, and if a politician, if working for 
government do not allow financial profitable adventures as much to produce 
luxury residences, expensive touristic trips, jewels, horses, giant farms. 

The politician, man or woman, who enriched while was in the politics life, 
to not be put on doubt, needs to show his luck coin : The money origin, to 
buy his first house or to buy the first brick to build an fantastic house. 

The life of a public man or woman is by definition Public. 

Denise Frossard 
Federal Deputy by the Brazilian Social Democracy - PSDB - RJ 

Translated by Alexandre Saramelli 

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