Three more Barks Christmas stories

Halsten Aastebol Halsten.Aastebol at
Tue Aug 23 12:42:43 CEST 2005

There are also the one-pagers accompanying the long x-mas stories in the 
Dell four color series and Christmas Parade.

Are there any x-mas stories among his non-Disney comics, like Barney Bear 
and Benny Burro?


At 01:25 23.08.2005 -0700, Larry Giver wrote:
>Adding to Elaine Ramshaw's list, I am aware of 3 more Barks
>Christmas stories; all long stories:
>         US47 "The Thrifty Spendthrift", Feb.1964.  A hypnotized
>Scrooge gives the gifts from the 12 days of Christmas song.
>         Christmas Parade #9, "Christmas in Duckburg" Dec. '58.
>Donald and HDL go to Canada to get a very tall tree for
>Duckburg's Christmas display.  Beagle Boys damage the tree.
>         Christmas Parade #26, "Christmas Cha Cha" Dec. '59.
>Scrooge offers a prize for a dance contest, but wins it himself
>with his partner, a professional dance teacher.
>         Something very strange happened to the numbering of
>the "Christmas Parade" album series, as #9 was followed the
>very next year by #26.
>         I checked WDC&S #232 and #244, and neither is a
>Christmas story.
>                         Best wishes,    Larry Giver.

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