HD&L VS The Love

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Tue Aug 30 15:32:19 CEST 2005

Maciek wrote:

> Yet! It would be a funny story if HD&L would get in love in much older
> girl... maby sombody well k'now like  Dicki, Magica, Brigitta or Daisy [I
> would be hellerius if she would prefer Huey rather then Donald or
> Gladstone ] :-)

She did, actually. In at least two Carl Barks tenpagers ("Wild about
flowers" (WDC 117) and "The beachcombers' picnic" (WDC 224)), Donald and
Gladstone compete to win a date with Daisy, which they will be if they are
a) the first person to pick a daisy and give to her b) the one giving her
the most valuable beach treasure. In both stories (the last one is
obviously a remake) Donald and Gladstone compete over this - or, Donald
works hard while Gladstone stands around next to Daisy and brags about his
extreme luck. Daisy is cheering for Donald the whole time, and she's just
annoyed with Gladstone. Until some natural accident happens, and Gladstone
happens to get hold of whatever they need to survive, and after a while
Donald and Gladstone get into a huge fight, to which Daisy reacts with
hating them both. Immediately after that Huey, Dewey and Louie find what
is required to "win the contest", and to Daisy's immense pleasure
(according to her smile), the three of them all are her date in the very
last frame.



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