HD&L VS The Love

Halsten Aastebol Halsten.Aastebol at elkraft.ntnu.no
Wed Aug 31 09:37:59 CEST 2005

At 16:48 30.08.2005 -0400, David Gerstein wrote:
>         Hey Maciek,
> > In evry story I seen, I olweys Imagent that HD&L are like 9-10 yers old...
> > They seam look to be this age.
> >
>         For me, the "mature" HDL of the mid-1950s always struck me as being
>around 12 or 13. But then, my view of the nephews has always been colored,
>too, by the first cartoon I ever saw them in- LUCKY NUMBER, where they seem
>to be teens, drive Donald's car, and want one of their own.
> > Yet! It would be a funny story if HD&L would get in love in much older
> > girl... maby sombody well k'now like  Dicki, Magica, Brigitta or Daisy
> >
>         Yikes! Sounds scary! Dickie is like a big sister to the boys, and
>just the thought of them falling for Magica or Brigitta... O-8
>         On the other hand, in the earliest days, the nephews DO seem to have
>some kind of vague romantic interest in Daisy. Long before that "Aunt Daisy"
>stuff got started, there were cartoons like MR. DUCK STEPS OUT where the
>kids actually seem to want to beat Donald's time and have Daisy to
>themselves, for apparently romantic reasons...
>                 David

In Barks' "In Old California", it certainly seems like Panchita is making 
the blood run faster in HDL's veins (and Donald's)! But then again, they 
are not in love with her, only charmed. Instead they support Ronaldo's efforts.
But of course, the whole thing was just some kind of dream.
A brilliant story!


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