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Fri Dec 9 01:09:27 CET 2005

I just watched the profile about Carl Barks on the new Chronological Donald DVD.  It was fine, I guess, as far as introducing him to those not in the know, but I certainly saw room for improvement.
    First of all, I thought they could have interviewed some people who had more of a personal connection to him like a surviving family member or two.  I also think they should have talked to some of the current Duck comic creators on whom Carl is a big influence.  (Don, did you even get a phone call?)
    Secondly, I felt like whoever was selecting the comic art that they showed snippets of needed to do a little more research.  There should have been NO comic art that was not drawn by Carl Bark.(unless it was early comic strip art showing the development of Donald in comics, but they chose not to go this route)  Don't tell me about the detail of Barks work while you're showing me a Don Rosa cover,  (no offense, Don) and I saw at least one other cover fly by that I'm certain was drawn by another artist.  The uninitiated viewers I spoke of earlier are going to come away thinking that every bit of comic art in this segment is by Carl Barks.  It's unfair to the viewer, to Carl Barks and to the other artists to be this misleading, intentional or not.
    I kind of wish we could ask Disney to try again on volume three.  We need a do-over.
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