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In Strobl's W WDC 293-01 , Mastering the Matterhorn, Upsy Duck appears
In Danish, he's called Uppelas And and is hdl's great-uncle
We also have a statue, i think it's of Globus von and, and also the name of a 
general Fladnaeb is quoted...
I need to know their original names, and their original relation to the Ducks 
in the original story, or in other versions at least (I think that should be 
great to create a database of the names of those secondary characters 
translated in every language).
I think that if the original last name of Fladnaeb isn't Duck, it could be 
the name of Daisy's mother (if he's an ancestor of hdl, then he's an ancestor of 
their father, and of daisy as she's his sister, according to me)
Upsy could be a brother of Drusilla Duck...

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