Errors in the INDUCKS

Santiago García saturno3x1 at
Mon Dec 19 09:52:08 CET 2005

Hi, Søren:

>>can you
please explain to us how you found that error (which
isn't an error after all)? With which story or stories
did you make the art comparison.

Simple as that: I was browsing in the INDUCKS and
found that story 
(I TL  420-A) which was said to be Carpi's art, and
which shown scan I had serious doubt about being
Carpi's: I though it was Bottaro's instead, but not
being an expert I didn't want to be taxative.

I turned out to be, as Harry told me, just a mismatch
on the shown scan.

> With which story or
> stories
> did you make the art comparison.

Oh, I learnt about Bottaro's and Carpi's art in many
stories from the Italian Topolino and Zio Paperone.
Just for an example: Look at these two stories of
Goofy and the Witch Hazel:

By Bottaro:	I TL  887-A	Pippo e il cappello magico
By Carpi:	I TL  420-A	Pippo e la fattucchiera
> Also, I am a little surprised why you just didn't
> report
> the "error" here...

It's just that I dind't know what was the procedure
for suggest corrections to the INDUCKS (I looked for
some help on the COA webpages, but dint' find any),
and so I asked here. Stefan Persson told me to e-mail
Harry, and so I did.


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