Cousin Sock

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Thu Dec 22 15:31:25 CET 2005

@ Gilles Maurice:

> What about his other name, "Aristotle" ???

I think I can fill you in on that one. Cousin Sock is the 
little goose with the large glasses, right? He comes to 
stay with Donald and, on hearing his name, HDL suppose 
that he's called Sock because he's a boxer and likes to 
beat people up. "Sock", however, turns out to be short for 
"Socrates"; the new cousin is a shy and bookish boy.

In Dutch, the pun [Sock-Socrates] was translated into 
Stoot-Aristoteles, which has basically the same meaning 
[punch - ancient Greek philosopher]. A very beautiful 
translation, imho, and even more so because Aristoteles 
was a pupil of Socrates' pupil Plato.

I don't know if "Aristotle" is used as a translation in 
other languages (does it also work in German or Danish?) 
and I don't know if you found "Aristotle" in any English 
language publication, but maybe the name Aristotle for 
cousin Sock derives originally from a translation and was 
never (meant to be) used in English publications.

Greetings from Michiel Prior.

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