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Fri Dec 23 06:25:25 CET 2005

Thanks a lot for that piece of info, M.J.!!

I already got the pun between sock/socrates, because i could actually read 
the  daily strips thanks to the scans provided in coa. But in those prints, 
Donald presents him as cousin sock, already (he also refers to gus as "uncle gus" 
when he talks to the nephews), and i've seen nowhere the "socrates m. gosling" 
thing, even not in the two gags that precede these strips, even if it's said 
that sock is a nickname...

But thanks a lot for your useful precisions about the translation, I'm 
actually turning the page that presents my duck family tree into a translation page 
too :
I try to collect translations of all those secondary duck relatives 
characters, as those translations can be found nowhere, and i think it's a very 
interresting dimension to explore, bringing sometimes inconsistencies, but above all 
a big diversity. For the better known characters, i will simply link them to 
their index coa inducks page ...

about the "aristotle" thing, i simply read it on sock's index page on coa, i 
don't have a single story involving sock at home


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